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Here at the Dallas Makerspace, we endeavor to be as transparent and open about the operation of the organization as possible.

The monthly income from DMS memberships only goes so far when it comes to maintaining our fabulous collection of tools and equipment. As a result, committees sometimes opt to charge fees to offset the costs of consumables and maintenance for the tools and equipment that they "own" and maintain. Additionally, some classes charge a fee in order to offset the costs involved in putting on the class.

In the interests of transparency this page exists to outline these costs. We do not want to surprise anyone with the costs involved in being a member. We want to welcome all members, young and old, new and experienced, to engage with the committee chairs and the Board of Directors in ensuring that the total costs to the membership are as low as practical. We want to keep the financial burdens of membership within reach of as many people as possible.

Class Fees

Classes offered at the space sometimes charge fees to take the class. While we understand that these extra fees can add a financial burden to some students, these fees exist to keep the total expense for all of our makers low while offsetting the costs involved in teaching the class.

What are these costs?

  • Consumables that are depleted in the teaching of the class. Examples include the wood in Woodshop Basics, filler wire in the MIG welding class, blanks for the lathe classes, etc.
  • Wear and tear on the tools and machines that make the classes possible
  • Funds that go back to the committee to support their ongoing efforts within their space

If you have any questions about the fees for a particular class please bring them to the attention of the sponsoring committee chair.

What follows is a list of classes that are offered at the space that are

  1. Sponsored by a Committee
  2. Require an additional fee to take the class

Class Fee Table

Class Name Sponsoring Committee Class Cost Cost Justification Last Updated Date
Woodshop Basics Wood Shop $5 Offset the cost of materials 08Mar2017
MIG Welding Metal Shop $30 Offset the cost of materials 08Mar2017
TIG Welding Metal Shop $40 Offset the cost of materials 08Mar2017
Two Post Lift Automotive $50 Raise funds for committee 08Mar2017
HAAS Vertical Mill Machine Shop $75 Raise funds for committee 05May2017

The list above is not exhaustive, and does not include project-based courses which may carry a material fee. To view previous sessions of a class offered at DMS, use the Events Calendar and choose Calendar View. This will allow you to look at prior months and view details of classes taught in those months.

Tool Fees

Some tools at the space have costs associated with them to offset the ongoing purchase of consumables required to keep them running, as well as to fund ongoing maintenance to keep them in top shape.

Tool and Consumables Fee Table

Tool Name Sponsoring Committee Usage Cost Cost Justification
Vinyl Cutter Creative Arts $2 per foot recoup cost of vinyl. provide funds for committee
Laser Cutters (all) Laser $1 for every 5 minutes of laser time ongoing maintenance of laser, provide funds for committee
DMS provided ABS for 3D Printers 3D Fab $0.10 per gram recoup costs of filament, provide funds for committee

Creative Arts maintains a comprehensive listing of the consumables fees within Creative Arts.