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The Amateur Radio Special Interest Group is a group of DMS members who are interested in Amateur Radio (colloquially called "Ham Radio") activities.

This SIG is under the umbrella of the Electronics & Robotics Committee, which helps to enable the SIG's activities.

It is currently headed by Kevin Grantham (N5KRG).


Making Radio Stuff

Internal Projects

External Projects

Members - 09/12/19

  1. Walter Anderson (AF5WH) -- (SK)
  2. Todd Caldwell - @tmc4242 - K5SLR
  3. David Barkley - - KF5AVS
  4. Michael Jasso - @mjasso -
  5. Brady Pamplin - @bpamplin - W5LH
  6. Jeff Ray - @jray - KI5ENI
  7. Rich Meyer - @richmeyer - AG5OB W8CNY- Volunteer Examiner ARRL/W5YI
  8. Malcolm - @malcolmputer - KI5BCD
  9. Jay Crutti - @frnno967 - K5JCJ
  10. Adam Overman - @Adam_Overman - W9ECO
  11. Kevin Grantham - @krgrantham - N5KRG
  12. Doug Emes - @dougemes - KG5BZY
  13. Jim Hartnett - @hon1nbo - ke5tuz
  14. Dale Wheat - @Dale_Wheat - KI5SME
  15. Kevin Braby - @kbraby - KG5QBI
  16. Alex Thomas - @Alex_Thomas - KG5BCX
  17. Tim Dugger - @fender84 -
  18. James Harper - @yehuda613 - KK5Y
  19. Rebecca Harper - - KC0RHZ
  20. Art Givens - @artg_dms - KG5BZZ
  21. Kelly Baggett - @sciborg - KG5YEX
  22. Adam Meek - @adam_meek - KC9ZQJ
  23. Robert Short - @RobS_NGO - W4DFW
  24. Sal Piro - @spiro1961 - KI5HNP
  25. John MacDonald - @JMAC - KF5I
  26. Fred Philibert - @PhilibertF

How To Join

Add your name, to the "Members" section of this wiki page. If you already have your license, add it by matching the format of the others.

Reference Material




Video Tutorials

Magazine Archives

Reference Sites

  • Reverse Beacon Network - The Reverse Beacon Network is a revolutionary new idea. Instead of beacons actively transmitting signals, the RBN is a network of stations listening to the bands and reporting what stations they hear, when and how well.

Parts Vendors

Kit Vendors

Our Components

  • [1] - Power capacity for coaxial, we are using LMR400
  • [2] - Our Buckmaster OCF 8 band antenna - will try diagonal on roof in November 2019
  • [3] - Manual for our antenna

Meeting History

Meetings are infrequently held by announcement on the Talk forum. They will also appear on the DMS calendar.

  • 14-Jun-2017 : KG5BZZ (Art), AF5WH (Walter), N0ZGO (Zach), Kevin (N5KRG), Andy (KE5KOF), Danielle (??), Jay
   Promoted (mostly against his will) Kevin to SIG leader
   Discussed wireless audio transmission (Part 15) with Jay J.
   Verified that antenna and SGC autocoupler is still working
  • 5-Nov-2016 : KG5BZZ (Art), AF5WH (Walter), N0ZGO (Zach), two others TBD
   Placed and connected auto-transmatch on roof.
   Terminated coax and installed surge suppressor
   Plasma-cut BYOR patch panel
  • Insert missing meeting here
  • 24-Sep-2016 : N0ZG0 (Zach), AF5WH (Walter), KE5KOF (Andy)
   Ran power and RF coax cables from electronics bench to roof.  The
   original AC penetration turned out to not be useable.  Found 
   alternative unused vent penetration that we were able to use.
  • 13-Aug-2016 : N0ZGO (Zach), AF5WH (Walter), ?? (Daniel), KE5KOF (Andy), N5KRG (Kevin)
   Surveyed the antenna "tower" on the roof and took impedance measurements of the existing dipole with Walter's MFJ analyzer
   Moved the tables in Electronics Lab to create the new Amateur Radio Bring Your Own Radio bench
   Discussed power supplies and coax runs
  • 19-Jul-2016 : N0ZGO (Zach), (Newly-licensed-and-awaiting-callsign! Kee), KG5BZZ (Art), KC5CBJ (Hank), KF5IDY (Jonathan), AF5WH (Walter)
   Congratulations to Kee, who got his HAM license and joined the makerspace since he visited us at the last meeting!
   Discussed HAM radio transmitter class and potential future classes, receiver, antennas, etc...
   Interest in morse code learning sessions and practice
   Discussed getting bench set-up in electronics with HF antenna on roof and VHF/UHF antenna in ceiling
   Retrieved and sorted through AR committee equipment and stored in Electronics
  • 16-Jun-2016 : N0ZGO (Zach), KD5QLN (Mike E.), KD5GGC (Bryan), KG5BZZ (Art), N5ZFW (Raymond), AF5WH (Walter), KG5DXE (Katie), KF5IDY (Jonathan), KG5OOM (Kee), K1UM (Matt), (Prospective member Audrey)
  • 18-May-2016 : N0ZGO (Zach), KG5BZZ (Art), AF5WH (Walter), 3-4 others (please send info to Zach!)