Regular Member Meeting 20170713

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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

20170713 20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Committee Chairs

  • 3D Fabrication Committee
    • hello my lovelies in 3-D Fab. We have been working on a lot of classworks information for the Moodle system being put into place. We have been working hard in order to finish and hopefully get our vacuum former. There have been talks about where to put it. We have been discussing with quite a few people and the vacuum former will go exactly where the previous one was right in front of the pillar where it will be a focus point for the tours on Thursday. We are looking for volunteers to take the Moodle and see if what we have been working on can work. The shelving units have been sliced and are ready to go up just as soon as we can get brackets. We are hoping to get hatchbox order from Amazon which will give us good colors to play with. Of course this will be 4 people to use if they do not wish to use their own filament which is $0.10 A gram.
  • Aerospace Committee
  • Automotive Committee
  • Blacksmith Committee
  • Civic Hacking
  • Classroom Committee
    • Now that we are sure we are not moving, we will begin making some capital improvements:
      • We are requesting funding for two larger monitors for the Interactive Classroom. One of existing 60" monitors will be relocated to the Purple Classroom, freeing the 50" unit up for deployment in the Conference Room. Part of the plan is reorienting the Interactive Classroom 90 degrees to further lessen the distance between the "back" of the room and the monitors.
      • Buying narrow folding tables for the Lecture Hall.
      • Working with the Infrastructure and 3D Fab committees on front glass treatment.
      • Redoing the floor in the Interactive Classroom.
      • Mounting wall fans in the Purple Classroom and the Lecture Hall to improve air circulation.
      • Soundproofing for the Lecture Hall.
  • Competitive Robotics Committee
  • Creative Arts Committee
  • Digital Media Committee
  • Electronics Robotics Committee
  • Financial Committee
  • Fired Arts Committee
  • Infrastructure Committee
    • Backup internet approved by BoD 6/23/17
      • OneRingNetworks LTE(AT&T) Backup ~15/~15 - $75/mo/3yr Ordered.
  • Jewelry/Small Metals Committee
    • Over the past month we finished the new multi-person workbench. Big thanks to Jimmy in the woodshop, Lee in the metal shop, and Chris in CA for helping construct it with 100% reclaimed materials. New stools were purchased to accommodate the bench, one is still on back order from Woodcraft.
    • The casting machine donated to the department is not working. Big thanks to the collective effort from various departments to help get it fired up for testing. Repair may be possible, but is unknown who and when it can be repaired. Prior plans to purchase more basic casting equipment will resume and be installed by the end of the month.
    • Commitment was made by a couple members to roll out new wire wrapping classes, among other classes being taught.
    • Burnout oven was being wired with a new digital controller, but there was a mishap before the project was completed. Repair is pending and should be back in service by the end of the month.
  • Laser Committee
  • Logistics Committee
  • Machine Shop Committee
    • Machine and project classes continuing
    • Recruiting new teachers
  • Metal Shop Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Reloading and Gunsmithing Committee
  • Science Committee
  • VECTOR Committee
  • Vintage Computer Committee
  • Wood Shop Committee


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

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