Wood Shop Committee Members

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Committee Chairman

Mark Salas

Vice Chairman

Mike Jury

MinutesMan (meeting minutes-taker)

Ryan Davidson

Committee Members

(4-23-2019) We are in the process of updating this list with the names of individuals who have attended Woodshop Committee meetings during the past few months. If you feel you should be on the list, feel free to add yourself - but please respect the alphabetical-by-last-name order.

  1. Kris Anderson
  2. Jimmie Arledge
  3. Michael Churchill
  4. William Gee
  5. Jeff Goodman
  6. john a. gorman
  7. Greg Kelley
  8. Nate Kirkland
  9. Judy Kriehn
  10. Paul LaChance
  11. John Norine
  12. Patrick O'Lone
  13. Bert Rabbe also Chairman of Multicam SIG
  14. Tru Robertson
  15. Marcel Rodriguez
  16. Jon White
  17. Anita Willis
  18. Steve Wynne