Regular Member Meeting 20170112

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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Monthly Operating December

Committee Chairs

  • 3d Fabrication Committee
    • changes coming to classes very soon, more streamlined for the new members/those just taking the first class, allowing teachers to focus on other requested classes like design, creation and such.
    • have a few rolls of Skin filament, for those of you who want to paint the piece and dont care what color it is.
    • as always Weigh it & Pay it.
    • The filastruder (toaster strudel) finally got the missing part and will be constructed very soon (if hasnt been built by the time this meeting is taking place) will just have to nudge Mitch.
    • the Filastruder (toaster strudel) will be for making virgen pellets and turning it into filament. a winder will also be put into place right next to it. this will wind the filament into a spool. the process takes anywhere from 1 to 8 hours.
  • Automotive Committee
  • Blacksmith Committee
  • Civic Hacking
    • Stay tuned for upcoming classes, including how to use Socrata in your apps. Socrata is the standard government open data platform adopted by many agencies.
    • Also, another session on building quick and easy map-based apps with the Polymer framework and Firebase database. This will play well into digitizing the Makers' Markers map.
  • Classroom Committee
    • Installed new projector in the Lecture Hall. Please be sure to turn the projector off when you are finished using it.
    • Began installing cameras in classrooms.
    • To do list:
      • Complete camera installation and adjustment.
      • Investigate how to integrate the screen to automatically lower and raise.
      • Investigate installing the old projector in the Interactive Classroom.
      • Install tablets for displaying schedules outside classrooms and several other prominent places.
      • Resolve the issue with the soundproofing in the Lecture Hall.
  • Competitive Robotics Committee
  • Creative Arts Committee
    • End of the year review went well and it's going to help us steer the committee
    • Exposure unit is in and classes will begin hopefully by January (thanks for the funds)
    • Lots of classes are in development - a sculptural/alternative fiber class and crafting for a cause will become yet another regular occurrence
    • Sent out a bunch of letters and press releases about Crafting for A Cause - haven't heard back from anything but hoping for some possible free press for DMS.
    • December we didn't have a meeting and nothing blew up but the CA committee meeting will be Jan 18th at 7:45p right after the new member meeting
    • Luke and the DMS warriors helped us retrieve the donation of a MASSIVE Epson printer. Steve Reeves is currently working to get it totally cleaned up. No idea how much it's going to cost yet to print. Thank you Luke!
    • Annex is at a slower pace but it's still coming along.
  • Digital Media Committee
  • Electronics Robotics Committee
  • Financial Committee
  • Foundry Committee
  • Infrastructure Committee
  • Jewelry/Small Metals Committee
  • Laser Committee
  • Logistics Committee
  • Machine Shop Committee
  • Metal Shop Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Reloading and Gunsmithing Committee
  • Remote Control Committee
  • Science Committee
    • Weather station - a working prototype is up in the science area. We will meet every Thursday to build and work out installation plans. All members are welcomed.
    • Fume hood filter construction nearing completion (Mega thanks to Steve and Metal Shop!). Waiting to hear back from manufacturers for quote on professionally manufactured activated carbon filter and will begin calling more places tomorrow. Writing up document explaining principles and safety of our filter. Once, we have these... classes begin! Fans, lock to hood, RFID chip reader, and surveillance camera will all be controlled through one Raspberry Pi. Considering automating opening and closing of hood to show off for Open House nights.
    • Sterile area construction to begin once fume hood construction completes. Going for a simple cube or cuboid shape along the size of 8x8x8 ft to 10x10x10x ft. Braced with 2x4s and containing filtered, drip holes at top in combination with perpetually running chimney fan to address Fire Marshall's concerns. Sterile area will be used to house biology equipment, 3D bioprinter, and optical bench.
    • Optical bench coming in two days. 2x4ft 1/2" sheet of aluminum purchased and will have regularly spaced screw holes drilled into it. This will provide a home and space for the Raman Spectrophotometer, Michelson–Morley interferometer (if interest continues and our setup is feasible for it), and simple, short demos for members without a Scientific background but having the interest.
  • VECTOR Committee
  • Vintage Computer Committee
  • Wood Shop Committee


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

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