Regular Member Meeting 20170413

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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Monthly Operating December

Committee Chairs

  • 3d Fabrication Committee
  • Automotive Committee
  • Blacksmith Committee
  • Civic Hacking
    • Stephen Wylie is facing yet another term as chair.
    • BarnRaise Dallas, organized by Capital One's, is happening May 18 - 20. Participants will partner with local design firms to "develop a user-centered understanding of a problem faced by a community organization and prototype viable solutions." Let Stephen know if this sounds interesting to you.
  • Classroom Committee
    • Bill Gee was re-elected as chair for another term.
    • Classroom Committee is the home for the new Training Development SIG.
    • We are still working on installing tablets outside of the classrooms.
    • We are making plans to redo the floor in the Interactive Classroom.
    • We are going to get a larger monitor for the Interactive Classroom. One of the existing monitors will go to either the Conference Room or the Purple Classroom, freeing that one up for the Conference Room.
    • We are buying 18" wide folding tables for the Lecture Hall so that people can use laptop computers more effectively during classes and meetings.
    • We are defining "standard arrangements" for the classrooms and ask that people please leave them in one those configurations after their class or event.
    • We are investigating buying rated soundproofing panels for the Lecture Hall.
    • We deployed power strips in the classrooms. While we cannot expect everybody to put them up after use, we will be providing a storage location for them.
    • We are looking for someone to finish the deployment of Opencast in the Lecture Hall and possibly the Interactive Classroom later.
  • Competitive Robotics Committee
  • Creative Arts Committee
    • New acquisitions:
      • Loom named Lulu
      • Silkscreens and all the items to go with it for exposure
      • Teeny tiny annex table
      • Two big tables (one to be exclusively fibers/sewing)
      • Organizing shelves for the tables
      • Waste board for the shapeoko
      • Replacement for the heat controller for the heat press
      • Supplies for the printer finally came in and printers are running
    • Nicole stepping to the side officially (and it's a happy thing - still will be very involved at the space)
    • Annex official name is Warehouse 13
    • Annex is a drink/food/mess free place tables are small for a reason to limit items placed down
    • CA Committee Meeting March 28th
    • New CA Chair Devin Burnett @missydee1206
    • New CA Subchain Mark Reynolds @mreynolds
    • Mark and Devin will both be suggested to be procurement officers for the space
    • Nicole will sadly and painfully give up her card after they have cards
    • Devin and Mark will ask Robert for expensify access
    • It's been a great ride, thank you for the support both in financial terms and just believing in me to allow this this program to get off the ground. Over the last two years it's been quite a fun ride of flips and flops. It's been a joy to see the personalities and the energies come together to build Creative Arts. This place is important and I know everyone knows that. - Nicole out, drop the mic!
  • Digital Media Committee
  • Electronics Robotics Committee
    • Art Givens was re-elected as Chair for another term
    • Recent new donations/loans of gear to ELab
      • David Fenyes donated an Aoyue 852A++ hot air station
      • Rich Meyer donated an APT 105 variable AC pwr sply
      • On loan from David Fenyes: Metcal SP440 desoldering station
    • Tool Wiki updated
    • New SIG - Spaceship Bridge Simulator SIG headed by David Smart
    • Amateur Radio SIG


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

Old business

New business

Change name of Remote Control Committee to Aerospace.

Meet Candidates for the 2017 Board of Directors Election