Regular Member Meeting 20170511

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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Committee Chairs

  • 3d Fabrication Committee
  • Automotive Committee
    • Tom Tansey appointed Committee Chair
    • Automotive Lift classes on the calendar
      • Lift training reduced to $20 (one time fee)
      • Lift classes every Thursday @8pm
      • Unscheduled lift classes as needed with 48 hr notice
    • Automotive committee meeting later this month for:
      • Those interested in being instructors on the lift and maintenace & repair classes
      • Realistic tool & equipment requests
      • Better tool storage.
    • Basic maintenance classes TBD
  • Blacksmith Committee
  • Civic Hacking
  • Classroom Committee
    • Bill Gee has been reappointed as chair for another term.
    • We are about to order some narrow folding tables to make the Lecture Hall more usable with laptop computers and may consider getting a couple of extras for the Purple Classroom.
    • We are finally going to install the tablets to show class schedules. A prototype mounting frame has been made out of the donated laminated plywood and it is gorgeous.
    • Classroom Committee is the home for the new Training Development SIG. David Kessinger will work with us to produce the Bridgeport class first. The Moodle site is up at
    • Digital Media has chosen to transfer the Opencast project to the Classroom Committee. Mark Havens has been putting the system back together the way Draco had left it.
    • A larger monitor for the Interactive Classroom is still prohibitively expensive for a small gain in size. We will buy a new 60" monitor for the Purple Classroom and move the existing one to the Conference Room.
    • We will be defining "standard arrangements" for the classrooms and ask that people please leave them in one those configurations after their class or event.
    • We are investigating buying rated soundproofing panels for the Lecture Hall.
    • We deployed power strips in the classrooms. While we cannot expect everybody to put them up after use, we will be providing a storage location for them.
  • Competitive Robotics Committee
  • Creative Arts Committee
    • Devin Burnett appointed Committee Chair
  • Digital Media Committee
    • Alex Espinoza appointed Committee Chair
  • Electronics Robotics Committee
  • Financial Committee
  • Foundry Committee
  • Infrastructure Committee
    • Stan Simmons appointed Committee Chair
    • Lisa Selk continuing as Vice Chair
    • A "Data Sanity Check" found and fixed 135 errors in the Billing/MM3/RFID/AD data stores... Frankly I expected more errors.
    • Larger SSD's ordered for 3D printing computers.
    • More Blue Iris licenses purchased to repurpose unused servers, allowing future expansion of more cameras for coverage in needed areas.
    • New BoD Members added to proper rights groups.
    • New Committee Chairs added to proper rights groups.
    • Signed new contract for TXU Energy, 36 month term: 0.03779 per kwh
    • Created links and QR-Codes for Approved Users on various tools
      • Links in committee wikis
      • Stickers on or near tools
  • Jewelry/Small Metals Committee
  • Laser Committee
    • Merissa Green appointed Committee Chair
    • Cleaned up and reorganized the laser area
    • Replacement parts on order to improve the Zing
  • Logistics Committee
    • Daniel Gallagher was appointed Interim Logistics Chairperson by the Board of Directors at the last BoD Meeting.
    • Logistics Committee Meeting was held on 30 Apr 2017 where proposed changes for the Logistics committee was discussed.
    • Logistics tasks will be split up into 3 teams (Replenishment Area, Storage Area and Community Areas) and the proposed Member Exchange Committee. A brief discussion for each team was covered and a team sign up sheet was circulated among those in attendance.
    • The basics for a new storage system was discussed and is currently under development:
      • Phase 1 will be replicating the paper ticket system Brandon had developed.
      • Details of Phase 2 will be announced when the new system has been developed and tested.
    • Storage extension meeting was held on Saturday, May 6th
      • 7-day notices were given to all who did not request an extension.
      • Moving unclaimed project storage to offsite is scheduled for May 13th after 4pm.
    • The next Logistics meeting is scheduled for 7:00 pm on May 16th. Agenda items include:
      • Adopting SRC3 format for Logistics Committee
      • Electing 3 new vice-chairs (one for each of the new teams)
      • Review of team to-do lists
  • Machine Shop Committee
  • Metal Shop Committee
    • Chuck Graf was re-appointed Committee Chair.
    • Last month we added a sheet metal shear, a magnetic box & pan brake, and a slip roller (thank you, Automotive Committee, for the roller!!). They are great for making sheet metal projects like boxes, radio chassis, jet engines, etc.
    • This month we added an English wheel, a shrinker/stretcher, and a Beverly shear. These will be useful for making things like armor, auto body parts, and motorcycle tanks.
    • We sold the big TIG welding machine (the one that blows the breaker all the time) and we are buying a brand new TIG machine, using the proceeds of the sale, and money from the welding cash box.
    • With the Black Smith equipment moved out to the trailer, we have some room for the new tools.
  • Public Relations Committee
    • Adam Oas appointed Committee Chair
  • Reloading and Gunsmithing Committee
    • Steven Martin appointed Committee Chair
  • Remote Control Committee
    • Daniel Illig appointed Committee Chair
    • Our committee has been working on a fixed wing drone, and planning to start a series of lessons on building planes with DTFB.
  • Science Committee
    • Ashley Newland appointed Committee Chair
  • VECTOR Committee
    • Jayson Woods appointed Committee Chair
  • Vintage Computer Committee
  • Wood Shop Committee


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

Old business

New business

Discussion of the plans for the return of the Member Exchange shelf (Cairenn Day)

Change name of Remote Control Committee to Aerospace. (Daniel Illig / Lisa Selk)

The name of the committee was changed to Remote Control a couple of years ago when the remote control cars were the focus for a couple / few months. Before that time, and since that time, the focus has primarily been around things that fly. There has been a lot more activity in the committee over the past few months, and the committee would prefer to go back to the original name to be the "Aerospace Committee" again. Lisa has suggested that alternately we may consider calling the committee the "Aerospace / RC Committee" to be more inclusive (using the abbreviation of "RC" on the end to refer to "remote control" and/or "radio control"), if desired by the membership


8:05pm Meeting Begins

Office and meeting committee reports

Presiding Member:  Kris Anderson

Board member introductions
	Robert Davidson
	Alex Rhodes
	David Kessinger
	Kris Anderson
	Brian Davis

Treasurer Report
	Treasurer not present; David presenting
	Issue with monthly payment with rent
		Working on it; will not happen again
	Hit 1500 members for ~3 hours

Reviewed Committee Reports

	Discussed blacksmith trailer
		Need to identify someone to tow it offsite
	Discussed running member meeting by committee chairs
	Lisa Selk suggested that we vote in the next regular member meeting to move the
	date to something besides Thursday so it doesn't conflict with tours.  She will
	put that on the agenda for next month.
	Kris suggested that each committee have some representative at each member meeting

	Discussed Moodle progress (online training)
		Nancy taking lead and created template in a word document that can be imported into Moodle.
		Alex is working to create blended CNC training that combines online with hands on portions.
		Picnic will host a silent auction
		Large format printer will be $2 sq. ft.
		Other printer will be $1 sq. ft.
	Digital Media Committee
		Cleaning up area
		Non-member items will be removed; owners will be notified
		Access to DM owned cameras; Alex Espinoza can provide access
		Antenna back up on roof with auto-connect working
		Signed contract with TXU energy; saved 30% on base energy rate $300-400 savings per month
		Added QR codes near equipment requiring training
			Check to see if users are on list to make sure we get all the users 
			updated before moving to RFID interlock or login control of systems
			Robert: Lockout hardware is in production
	Laser Committee
		Quotes on two new smaller thunder lasers w/ 130 W tube
		2ft x 4ft Thunder Nova|
		Added lift classes to calendar for first time ever
		Meeting later this month for committee
		Working to create basic maintenance classes
		Moving forward with kiosk for storage to continue work pioneered by Brandon
		Will split up responsibilities to separate vice chairs
	Machine Shop
		Nick Silva appointed chair
		Presented at UNT maker space
		Presented at DFW recycle
		Tours are very popular; probably 40 people each week
		Working on press release for 1500 member milestone
		Open house planning
			Committee chairs should start thinking now about interactive demos
		DMS Picnic
			Saturday May 27
			$5 per person for main dish; sides are pot-luck
			Signup is in multiples of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
			5:30pm - 7:30pm but no reservation after for now so could possibly stick around later
			Working on yard games
			Silent auction; Need donations
	Remote Control Committee
		Changing name to Aerospace RC
		Discussed and agreed that name change can be voted on at the committee 
		level; no need for member's meeting or BOD meeting vote
	Science Committee
		Classes for training on science equipment
		Primarily around Genetics / DNA
		Fume hood is 97% working; needs some tweaking / tuning
			Training required
			Will have RFID interlock
		Adding classes to calendar
	Vintage Computer
		Lots of demand for programming classes
		Working with Redhat for certification classes
			Some discussion around concerns over the six-sigma disaster
			A DMS member will be the certified Redhat instructor
			Could provide prep classes with outside certification exam
		Sold some equipment to make room; smaller lathes
		Need to put more woodshop basics classes on calendar
		Purchased mic for sound reinforcement during CNC class
New Business
	Cairenn Day: Member Exchange Committee
		Need someone to proof read Board meeting proposal
		Need input for proposal
			Easy to keep organized
			Responsible persons to police shelf
			Need notification to Cairenn for time of violations
		May reuse old shelf but want better organization
	Aerospace / RC Committee
		Will vote on name change in a committee meeting
9:08 Meeting adjourns